Cutaneous and itchy skin

Unexplained skin rashes, rashes, nausea and excessive itching are also symptoms of kidney problems. Incorrect ads of running the kidneys to the accumulation of waste and toxins inside the body, leading to more skin problems.

Breathing ammonia

Kidney disease can result in a metallic taste in the mouth or also known as ammonia breathing. This is due to inappropriate kidney function, which can lead to an increase in blood urea levels. Urea was broken down to ammonia in saliva, causing ugly, urinary-like breathing, called ammonia breathing.

Nausea or vomiting

Nausea, vomiting and reduced appetite are one of the most common symptoms of gastrointestinal disease in people with kidney problems. Nausea and vomiting happen frequently when you wake up early in the morning. Because the kidneys have not been able to clean the dangerous toxins in the blood, which leads to the accumulation of extra urea nitrogen in the blood. This reason raises the gastrointestinal mucosa and leads to nausea and vomiting.

Feeling cold Most of the time

This is another symptom of anemia caused by kidney disease. You may feel cold for most of the time without any reason and even if you are in a warm environment. There are times when you even have a fever with chills.

Breathing difficulties

Lack of breathing can also be one of the reasons for kidney disease. Poor renal function may lead to excessive fluid accumulation in the lungs. Lack of breathing can be caused by anemia that is often caused by kidney problems.



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