Although everyone can agree that no one is perfect, there are several things that would adversely affect a relationship if a man chooses to partner with a type of woman with certain characteristics that are not so great.

Here are the 10 types of women you do not have to marry:

Attention seeker

While some women are born naturally as attention, when they actually turn into an obsession, then she is not a good idea. A good husband ensures he has enough time for his wife, but this can not happen in 100% of the time, so a good wife should know how to understand.

Bitter Woman

You know that a woman seemed to be mad at men most of the time. Perhaps man had her heart broken many times, but this kind of women always beats people and talks about how bad and useless they are. A man may not want to settle down with someone who still has a problem and is very bitter who tends to say painful insults, ugly words because of her unresolved wrath.

The selfish woman

If you want to live in a happy house and a type of partner who wants both happiness and her, then you have to stay away from a selfish woman. A woman who strives to make sure she always comes first will not be able to build a cheerful and loving home with you.

The materialist woman

A kind of woman who is obsessed with material things would certainly not be the best wife. If everything that interests them are material things over family, faith, and spiritual fulfillment, then she will never be the best partner for you.

Gossip Woman

Does he seem to never think of his own business? Does she always focus on someone else’s problem or how does someone else live? Then you do not want a woman like a wife. A man needs someone to build a house with him and he needs to focus on his own life and plans. If she’s too busy with other business people, then you’re fighting a losing battle.

Flirty Woman

Are you attracted to a type of woman who always seems to flirt with a person or someone else? She flirts like a butterfly from one man to another and makes all men feel like they like she all. Well, you have to be careful because such a habit might be difficult to break after your marriage and you would not want to start to hear that your wife had a flirtatious conversation by all the men in your neighborhood.


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