1. Don’t be desperate

Chill! Relax! You do not feel that your whole life is related to this relationship. Make sure you have your own support and hobbies network. Being with a guy is amazing, and building a relationship together is phenomenal. But if you’re too desperate, you’ll turn it off completely.

2. Be yourself

Clinical psychologist, merry lin, writes in his book, “Life lived in full,” “Lifestyle fake thinks if you let people know you, you will not like it. The bands that play in your head say that if people really know what’s going on in you, you lose your respect. While playing those roles, they juggle with the masks they have to wear and hide your pain … The pressure increases to pretend you have them all together “.

Therefore, none of these things will work if you claim that you are a person you do not! You want the guy to fall in love with you, not with someone you pretend to be. So, erase sandra dee from the end of grease persona and just be who you are.

3. Make eye contact

Eye contact is already proven to be one of the most effective body language techniques.

Eye contact and a smile are all you need! Three to four seconds of eye contact plus a smile and you’re gold. Most boys prefer to cover bets on being shot, and those non-verbal indicators let him know that the chances are in his favor, “Adds dealto.

If you try to give a guy for yourself, make sure you give him a lot of visual contact. He will feel more and more connected with you as you get to know each other better.

4. Look your best

You do not have to go to a diet and change your hair to show you the best. All you have to do is maximize your best features and make sure you look as good as possible. Your beauty is unique and requires no changes.

5. Laughter

It turns out that laughter is contagious. So when you laugh, you wear chemical substances in a guy’s brain to make you feel good. It can be completely addicted. If you try to attract a guy, then laughter is the best way to attract him and keep him wanting more.

6. Listen

Having good communication skills is more than communicating effectively. You may also be actively listening.

Writer and journalist irma kurtz says, “No matter how bad things are, give your partner the chance to talk. We tend to go with one opinion before we hear each other.” do not scream, do not cool: make a sea often, things can be solved by learning to listen. ”

Men have a lot to say, and when you look that you can listen, they will be more inclined to say the things that matter.


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