Find out what your birthday says about your personality.


Known for her ambition, determination, and reserved behavior, she leaves her wondering what’s going on in her mind. She is also patient and wants the company of those who can make a smart and meaningful conversation.


A lover of all that has to do with romanticism, it’s important to be patient with her, because her mood swings are just a part of what she is. If you ever lie to her, she’ll leave you well.


Charismatic and charming, she is also characterized by her dedication and loyalty. She might seem tumultuous, but if you ever get on the wrong side, you’ll find out how serious she really is about things important to her.


With diplomacy and easy to talk, there are moments in which self-pity is allowed. Her jealousy sometimes gets better and can be a danger to those around her. But she has a talent to make others happy.


She’s pretty and determined, but She’s not always easy to solve. If she gives you the heart and you do something to hurt her, you can be sure she’ll never forget the way you kidnap her.


Characterized by her creativity and curiosity, she firmly believes that the truth should always be said, even if she is painful. They can sometimes be manipulative, so people should be careful around it.


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