It is true, but seldom allows others, and so there is always a mystery aura about she. Her intelligence and beauty are a reduction above all others. If you get her, do not lose her, because it will love you like no one else.


A walking contradiction, , she is so altruistic and proud. Never let her go because she can not stand when people have fun with it. He likes to be in the spotlight.


Her kindness knows no limits, but will never forget a betrayal. She will go out for revenge against anyone who will cause her pain. If you are in a relationship with her, you realize she is in her long term.


Strong and independent, she may seem stoic, but she is actually feels more than she lets on.. She hates being taken advantage of so she doesn’t let many people get close to her.


Everyone around her is always a step behind her. She is an expert in highlighting fakes, so she’s not one thing to play games with.


She is not very patient, but although speed through life, she always comes out on the top. Her presence can illuminate any room, and even the most reserved people fall quickly to her charm. If you look for the pain, you will be paid ten times.


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