About Mayor Boss

Mayor Boss is a Nigerian entertainer (Rapper, singer, songwriter), Entrepreneur, Relationship Counsellor and a Phd holder in pharmaceutical science.

I am currently based in Europe. I’m also one of the founding member of the Nigerian Hip-hop, R&B & Pop group called Young Paperboyz. I have also developed a solo career with a major debut release of my solo single called “My Diva,”.

Mayor Boss
Mayor Boss

I founded this natural health website mainly for topics include healthy lifestyle, nutrition, natural remedies and fitness

My mission is to inspire and uplift people with daily empowering messages through my post, music, inspirational writings and meme. My messages reach over a million people every year via my facebook page, Instagram page and website.

My purpose is to help people who need inspiration and are going through depression to find joy and happiness in this world.

My Vision is to also create a stage for outreach and support for those who truly need it, and for truly building people and filling them with courage and new ideas and possibilities, not for mere money making only, because I believe the world can be a happy place when we show love to other people, other than ourselves