8 Popular Pregnancy Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

From the second a woman declares her pregnancy open the public, she will find herself in the middle of unreasonable advice and information from relatives or friends.

Most often, the advice and information from families or friends are based on lies, misinformation, and old fairy tales.

Among these can be an exciting trivia, for instance, they claim that heartburn during pregnancy indicates a large amount of hair in your baby.

These guessing games can be fun until they are taken seriously and will negative create unnecessary stress.

I think it’s time to dismiss several pregnancy myths.

Myth 1: You Can’t Take Any Coffee

You can not imagine a morning without a cup of coffee, and the idea that you will give up this beverage scare you?

No Panic! You can enjoy coffee during pregnancy.

It is no risk to you or your child, and you are allowed up to 200mg caffeine a day, that is about two cups of coffee a day. (1)

Myth 2: A Little Alcohol Will Not Harm

Some people believe that alcohol is not needed during pregnancy, while others say that little drinking will not harm.

But we all know that alcohol causes alcohol-induced fetal disorders, such as birth defects and poor growth. (2)

Therefore, it is better to think about your child’s safety and to avoid drinking alcohol.

Myth 3: You Should Eat For Two

Society says that pregnant women should eat twice as much because she is eating for two.

Many women that adopt this rule gain more than 20kg extra without thinking about the results.

During the first trimester, your recommended daily intake is about 2,000 calories a day. (3)

This is enough for the proper functioning of your organs and systems of your future baby.

And second and third trimesters, you can increase by 200-300 kcal/day.

Myth 4: No Eat Fish Dishes

Good news – you can eat fish.

Seafood is an outstanding source of protein, iron, zinc, and omega-3, which are essential for the growth and development of your child. (4)

However, there are still some species of seafood that you must exclude from your diet such as, shark, swordfish or mackerel.

These species are a very high content of mercury that is in excessive doses, causes damage to the nervous system fetal systems.

Choose seafood carefully and watch out for the method of preparation to avoid infections.

Myth 5: You Can’t Touch Or Love Cats

Many people believe that during pregnancy, you need to get rid of a cat.

It’s not a matter! Petting your cat during your pregnancy is fine, but you should not clean your cat’s feces.

Cats feces can contain parasites known as toxoplasma, and this infection causes miscarriage in the early terms of pregnancy. (5)

Myth 6: You Can’t Exercise

It is a complete legend.

Exercise during your pregnancy is a good thing; being active while pregnant is so essential to prepare your body for birth. (6)

Although you should dodge high-intensity exercise, you can proceed with your work out the entire nine months.

Make sure you talk to your doctor to be sure that you’re healthy enough for exercise.

Myth 7: Cocoa Butter Will Prevent Stretch Marks.

This is pure make-believe.

Despite widespread belief, cocoa butter can not prevent stretch marks.

Notwithstanding many products claiming to stop stretch marks, but there is no scientific proof that any product can prevent stretch marks from showing up during pregnancy. (7)

Myth 8: Intercourse While You’re Pregnant Can Hurt The Baby.

Yes, you can have Intercourse as many as you want. Your baby won’t be hurt in any way while you have Intercourse.

If you have a healthy pregnancy, there’s no reason why you and your spouse can’t have a perfect intercourse life.