Stop Sneezing

Each one of us at some period in our life has experienced moments of non-stop sneezing.

While there is nothing dangerous about sneezing, however, prolonged sneezing could end you up in a hospital for lack of breath.

What does it mean when you sneeze a lot?

Sneezing is essential for your body as it helps you to stay healthy. It is an automatic response which acts as a resistance mechanism of your body.

When any bacteria or germ enters your nasal lining, your brain will respond to it, which is the sneezing. This reflex response helps our nose to protects you from external viruses or bacteria or any other unwanted particles. But is unusually a symptom of a severe problem.

Multiple factors can trigger your natural sneezing such as

  • Allergy to pollen, mold, dander or dust
  • Certain medicines or corticosteroids (from some nose sprays)
  • Common cold or the flu
  • Perfume
  • Drug withdrawal
  • More triggers, including air pollution, dry air, dust, spicy foods, animal dander, intense emotions, and some powders.

Instead of visiting a doctor, why don’t you try some natural home cures for sneezing? They do work and are quite mild too.

1. Ginger

Ginger has antibacterial properties, and they can act as a decongestant that cures your common cold or flu.

Cut a piece of ginger and put it in boiling water, plus two tablespoons of honey and sip every day before bedtime for immediate relief.

2. Stay well, hydrated.

Does drinking water prevent sneezing? For most people, sneezing is a sign that they need to drink water.

Proper body hydration will stop sneezing triggered by inadequate hydration nasal passages. Besides, water helps flushes out the toxins and cleanses your body.

Insufficient water intake from time to time may lower your resistance to infection, which will bring colds or even flu to your body. When that illness might have been prevented by just water intake.

You could prevent your non-stop sneezing by a drink of water always.

3. Boost your immunity

Boost your immunity levels to prevents regular recurrences of triggered sneezing incidents.

Vitamin C can help you to boost your immunity system. You can consume food that can improve your immunity level. Such as

  • Bell peppers
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Watermelon
  • Broccoli
  • Berries

4. Nasal sprays

The nasal decongestant spray helps to clear your sinuses. Also, prevent a trigger from provoking a sneeze as well as open your nasal passageway.

5. Blow your nose always

Another option to avoid non-stop sneezing is clearing your nose having to use a tissue and blow your nose when you sense a sneeze coming on.

This should clear your sinuses or irritant of what created the sneeze in the first place.

6. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea has incredible antihistamine effects that can help stop sneezing.

Besides, this is probably the number-one tea to drink for cold and flu season. It has antibacterial properties.

You can make a cup of the tea by boiling some chamomile flowers in water. Drink it twice every day.

7. Garlic

There is a simple way you can fight back annoying allergies or cold that can cause sneezing. And that simple ways is Garlic.

Garlic contains a unique active component called allicin which serves as a nasal decongestant, at the same time boosting your immunity.

8. Always keep your hands clean.

One of the essential actions you can take to avoid getting sick or spreading germs is to keep hands clean always.

Always clean your hands with soap and lukewarm water after using the toilet or as soon as you get home. This will prevent bacteria and dust from getting into your nose and trigger sneezing.

If none soap and water, then use hand sanitizer.

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