20 Foods That Will Make You Gain Weight Fast

Gain Weight

Losing weight is the common struggle that is usually heard of in the media and on most social platforms. Still, there are also those who struggle to gain weight due to fast metabolic rate, health issues such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus type 1, celiac disease, or eating disorders that lead to being underweight. 

The human body functions best when the body is in a healthy range of weight for height. Being underweight puts a person at risk for serious health issues such as infections, anemia, heart diseases, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, and depression.

Finding it difficult to gain weight?

Here are the 20 foods that boost good healthy weight gain:

  • FULL-FAT MILK is rich in protein, calcium, fats, and it is fast alternative food to gain weight.
  • PROTEIN SHAKES: protein is a rich nutrient that helps to bulk up muscles and keep fat buildup at a tremendous healthy balance. Adding protein shakes to your daily diet plan is useful to gain a healthy amount of weight.
  • EGGis very high in proteins and healthy fats that boost weight gain when eaten in a significant quantity.
  • MEATS: all kinds of meat sources such as cow (beef), chicken, or turkey are all excellent protein-rich foods that are very filling and good for weight gain when appropriately cooked with spices and eaten with delicious sauces. The plain chicken breast will not help with weight gain. A proper serving of meat, eaten with other delicious foods will boost weight gain.
  • FISH: is high in protein and healthy fats. There are different kinds of fish, and all are delicious when prepared properly. Fish can be fried, grilled, or baked with bread crumbs coating or flour depending on your preference.
  • NUT BUTTERS: are delicious kinds of butter that are high in fat and can be eaten on its own as a snack to cure sweet cravings, it can be spread on bread and made into a sandwich for lunch, and it can be added to salads as dressing.
  • ALMONDS: are delicious nuts that can be grated and added to salads, and it can be eaten on its own as a snack. If you are lactose intolerant or reducing your intake of animal milk, almonds can be blended and sieved, and then the milk can be extracted for consumption. 
  • WALNUTSare rich in antioxidants and high in fats. These nuts boost weight gain and reduce your risk of cancer.
  • CASHEW NUTS are delicious and very filling. It’s a good source of fat and can boost weight gain when eaten in a significant amount.
  • CHEESE: there are different types of cheeses, and they can be added to several dishes. The cheese is rich in fat, which is extremely good for weight gain.
  • FULL CREAM is delicious and yummy to add to fruit bowl, cupcakes, pancakes e.t.c.
  • AVOCADOis rich in fat and can be added to toast or eaten by itself as a snack.
  • RICE: is one of the oldest sources of carbohydrates that is eaten by all races and cultures of people worldwide. It is filling and delicious.
  • COCONUT MILK: is a milky- white liquid extracted from coconut. It is yummy to drink and full of fat. Add a glass to your diet a few times a week.
  • POTATOES: there are three popular types of potatoes. They are rich in potassium, Vit C, and fiber. They are suitable for healthy weight gain when eaten in a significant amount.
  • BANANAare delicious potassium-rich fruit that can be eaten at any time of the day. It is filling and great for healthy weight gain when eaten in a significant amount.
  • MANGOES: are juicy and very sweet. It is an excellent fruit option for weight gain.
  • PLANTAINS are rich sources of iron. They are sweet when ripened but not more delicious than a banana. Plantain can be baked, fried, or boiled. They can be eaten with rice, beans, and many more food options.
  • BEANS: there are several varieties of beans. They are rich in protein, calories, and fibers, which will help your body feel full, and can also help you gain weight.
  • CHOCOLATE: is sweet and a mood booster. It boosts energy to work out and is an excellent tasty dessert choice to add to your food intake if you desire to gain more weight.

Gaining weight may seem complicated, but every human being can gain weight. It is a matter of eating more calories in a day than your body spends consistently for a couple of months, and your body will store off every extra calories it didn’t use as fat. 

Aiming to consume more food at every mealtime than you will typically eat will help your body have more food to store as fat.